What We Do


Here at Fathers Legal Research we deal with all types of family related cases including contact, residence, shared residence, joint residence, prohibited steps order, specific issue order, ancillary relief and Child Support Agency cases in Northern Ireland, England and Wales including appeals to the Court of Appeal in both jurisdictions. We also provide lay advocates and McKenzie friends to assist at Children Act and Children (Northern Ireland) Order hearings, as well as Child Support Agency (CSA) tribunals and appeals.

Fathers Legal Research can help you by ;


- Preparing necessary paperwork 

- Undertaking the legal research that will yield the relevant case law such as D v D and Re L

- Identifying father friendly solicitors and barristers

- Preparing vital pleadings such as skeleton arguments. 

- Running a mock court service, run training sessions for groups of people representing themselves and

- Preparing questions for the cross examination of witnesses including social workers and CAFCASS officers

- Providing an experienced lay advocate (dependant on the circumstances) or a McKenzie friend to assist you at court

- Identifying appropriate expert witnesses to challenge CAFCASS report

- Attempting to negotiate a reduction in your former solicitors Bill of Costs


Fathers' Legal Research training.


These training days will initially be charged at 350 per person and are limited to 20 people. Currently there is no VAT, but this may change so book early!!  The next training day is scheduled for Belfast on the 16th of June 2007.


There will also be a number of advanced courses, but these titles are currently under development, and will likely be offered on an invitation basis only.