Clients' testimonials


Mr McA- "I was getting completely shafted by my solicitors, who were forcing me in to a settlement that really was not in my best interests. After speaking to John Junk, I realised that there was an alternative. John explained how the law worked especially in relation to pensions and critical illness cover and how they would be treated in divorce. My previous barrister did not know how this worked and his opinion changed from week to week. John Junk and John McCord did some first class legal research for me and provided me with a skeleton argument that the other side had little response too and I reckon that I walked out with around 30k more than what my barrister had been telling me I would end up with".


Mr O- "Noone was taking me seriously when I started trying to get contact with my children. All the solicitors that I had seemed useless, and I became very despondent. Then a friend directed me to John Junk, and things changed in a big way for me. For the first time in the process I was treated like a human being and not a number. I was a little nervous when I started representing myself, but I noticed straight away that the magistrate didn't treat me the way she had before when she realised that John Junk was there in court with me. Even the opposing barrister changed her attitude and complained that he was 'no ordinary man', and should be excluded from the hearing".


Mrs F- "I was representing myself and asked John Junk to help me prepare for court. I was really up against it because my son's father was a barrister and had a top London firm of solicitors involved at mega cost. Their kept bullying me, threatening me with costs, but this all changed when John appeared. He very quickly set the scene for the opposing solicitor and I felt empowered. I really would have been mincemeat without him. I am forever indebted to him, and would recommend him to anyone".


Mr McC- "I had paid out a fortune in legal fees and still couldn't see my children. I got John Junk's name from Families need Fathers. My case has been transformed, and I have gone from villain to hero. Finally my wife is being seen for what she is, a manipulator and alienator, who doesn't have a good word to say to me about the children. Before that I had a supposed top Belfast solicitor, who went through the motions. She didn't have the insight or strategic understanding that John had. I only wish I had got rid of my solicitor earlier, but I kept convincing myself that she must know what she was doing. She had dozens of cases on her books, and I was just another client to her. I now count John as a friend and can recommend him unreservedly to anyone going through divorce or separation".


Mr McG- "My barrister told me that I had no hope with any appeal, and to just 'get on with my life'. A friend recommended that I spoke to John Junk. John took my case on appeal to the High Court in Belfast and won. The Judge even allowed him to speak on my behalf, which was a great relief for me".


Dr E- "John McCord did my a first class skeleton argument for the Court of Appeal in England. He explained to me that I was unlikely to win the case, but I insisted that I wished to have my day in court. The Lord Justices commented positively on my appeal documents including my skeleton argument".


Mrs K- "Social Services were trying to make me out to be a bad mother to my children, and I didn't know where to turn. A friend suggested I speak to John Junk. I spoke to John on the phone and that night I slept for the first time in weeks. When John turned up at a case conference he pointed out some fundamentals of social work and human rights law to the social workers, and they immediately backed off. I would have been completely lost without John's intervention. Now I get treated with respect from Social Services where before the Social Workers spoke to me like fishwives, and made me feel very small".