- Really donít understand the legal process?

- Donít qualify for legal aid?

- Seeking a shared or joint residence order but solicitor says 'No chance!'

- Your solicitor never returns your calls?

- Never met your barrister?

- Never seen an itemised bill?

- Tired of haemorrhaging money for little progress?

- Case always adjourned?

- Never even got in to see the judge?

- Less than impressed by your lawyers grasp of the issues?

- Looking for a father friendly solicitor or barrister?

- Other sides lawyers seem more switched on than yours?

- Feel pressurised into taking what you think is a bad deal?

- Wondering why you wife seems to be getting everything following divorce?

- Frustrated that you cant get to see your children?

- Grandparents cant get to see their grandchildren after separation or divorce?


Contrary to popular opinion, and portrayals on television, court cases are rarely decided in your favour due to having a Rottweiler type solicitor or barrister, or on swashbuckling advocacy. They are more often decided on the papers provided to the court.


If you can hold a decent conversation or can read a broadsheet without getting brain freeze you are a real contender to be able to represent yourself with the assistance of Fathersí Legal Research. Rather than spend thousands on lawyers fees why not save them for your childrens education, or a relaxing holiday?


With the education system we have in GB and Northern Ireland, and the dissatisfaction levels that people have with their lawyers, more and more people are questioning what they are actually paying for. Before coming to Fathersí Legal Research some of our clients had paid £10k's on barristers and  solicitors, and getting little for their outlay but a reducing bank balance.


Half Day Course

Fathersí Legal Research are proud to announce a half day course entitled ĎRepresenting Yourself Successfully Ė trips, tricks and tipsí hosted by John Junk in Belfast on Saturday in Feb 2011


Places are limited to 10 and with demand high ensure your place by booking now. Use the button below to book your place. Cost is £99 sterling per person and currently there is no VAT.


Intro to Self Representation Feb 2011 dates
at Family Court Support office
Belfast East

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Contact our office on 07814 422231 for your free 15 minute initial consultation on on . To ensure that we dont seem like a remote voice we can videoconference on SKYPE by appointment.


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